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FOX News
Oct 8, 2012 7:00pm PDT
, that was dishonest. >> when senator obama said in 2008, i'm going to cut the deficit in half, close gitmo, people said that was unrealistic, but didn't say he wasn't telling the truth. there's a difference, isn't there? >> no. closing gitmo involved an act of congress, and he wasn't able to get congress to agree with him on that question. this is basic math. >> greta: joining us our political panel, abc news senior washington editor rick klein, casey huntington, and byron york. rick, first you. i thought it was executive order to close gitmo, just needed congress to place the people. am i right? >> they realized it was going to be harder than they wanted. the distinction he's making is in terms of campaign pledges versus actions that you can possibly have congress do later. it's a stretch obviously. one man's lie and dishonesty. >> greta: it's name-calling. >> you've seen a shift from the obama campaign in terms of how they're trying to discuss and describe mitt romney. for a long time they were more interested in trying to describe him as a conservative extremist. they didn't want to go after hi
FOX News
Oct 5, 2012 7:00pm PDT
. you have all of these things and four straight trillion-dollar deficits. we are right back at the starting line on the economy. this is a failed president. there is no doubt about it. >> greta: the polls are out. some polls, right now, we are starting to see in postdebate polls that the impact of governor romney's win. it looks like governor romney is closing the gap in several swing states. according to a new rasmussen poll. in ohio, president obama is leading romney by 1 percentage point n. virginia, governor romney leads 49-48%. in florida, governor romney leads by 2 percentage points. 49-47. all three are in the markin of error, but they do show gains by governor romney. it appear hes got a bounce? >> he got somewhat of a bounce. this is like a great wave, greta it's vitally important, i think we are not going to see how far the wave rolls up the beach until the polls are taken postdeigate -- post-debate, especially in ohio, if he's tied then or ahead in ohio, after that, and virginia and florida, it is a brand-new ballgame. in ohio, i think that's the critical state an
FOX News
Oct 9, 2012 7:00pm PDT
-dollar-plus deficits. we have to move away from that. >> greta: i suspect if president obama were here, he would say that what he has done is to give people opportunity, that you need to jump-start people. you need to give them a little help, every once in a while to jump start it. how do you answer him to that remark? >> i would say, mr. president, you gave us some 800 to 9 mon. billion dollars of a stimulus package. you said that unemployment would never go above 8%. it remained at 8% or above 43 straight months. even still issue you say that unemployment would be 5.8% to 6%. you haven't jump-started anything. as a matter of fact, you wasted almost $twenty one trillion of american taxpayer money and continue to see yourself as a venture capitalist, using american taxpayer money for failed companies that you want to try to pick, based upon your own policies. this is about take org tax code and taking the tax rates and bringing them down, so we can infuse capital into the pockets of the job creators and the entrepreneurs. this is about looking to the trillions of dollars of capital sitting offshore
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)